August 11, 2011

DBC International is the global leader in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation that provide better result, more efficiently with a greater cost-benefit. The DBC treatment system is available for licensing. High-quality clinics specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders are invited to join the DBC Network.

20_Balancedkick_screen250When a clinic purchases the DBC license, it obtains the right to operate under the DBC brand. In musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation, the DBC brand signifies all-in-one centres of excellence. Every contract that establishes a new DBC clinic includes an agreement on ongoing license and support functions.

The license agreement covers all immaterial rights to use the DBC treatments and to receive new treatment concept updates. New versions of the DBC software, DBC manuals and DBC patient assessments are included in the concept updates free of charge as well as an online helpdesk for clinical, software and technical questions. The customer has the right to attend initial and ongoing training seminars for the clinic staff.

The license agreement grants rights to use all DBC trademark material, including, for example, scientific and marketing material, local branding and guidelines for interior design. The exclusivity granted through the license agreement ensures that each clinic can develop its business in its own region without facing competition from within the DBC network.

For more information please contact:
Sole Agent & License Provider
PT Mitra Sarana Prisiantari
Majapahit Permai
Jalan MAJAPAHIT no: B-126
Petojo Selatan; Gambir,
Jakarta 10160 -Indonesia

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