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August 10, 2011

Klinik DBC-RSPB620

Mitra Sarana Prisiantari (MSP)

Mitra Sarana Prisiantari is the appointed Exclusive Representative and Sole Distributor of DBC, – envisions establishing a long term professional relationship with local health care partners and providers as well as with third-party payers in Indonesia.

Founded by 4 doctors (an Orthopedic, Neurologist, Sport Med. Doctor, and a Pathologist) partnership with a concerned entrepreneur, all have a collective mission – to provide non-invasive functional Active Spine Rehabilitation that offers profound improvement for chronic Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee pain due to various sources of disorders.

Since 2005, MSP has managed to establish two (2) – DBC Centers in Jakarta, (RS International BINTARO and RS Gading-Pluit) and SILOAM Hospital KebonJeruk – the 3rd- DBC Clinic opening in March 2009 at di RS PREMIER BINTARO.

DBC- CLINIC di Indonesia

DBC Clinic di RS PREMIER BINTARO, RS GADING PLUIT, RS SILOAM Kebon Jeruk termasuk dari 131 DBC Clinic di manca Negara dengan 100.000 pasien yang tercatat. Konsep rehabilitasi aktif tanpa suntikan dan obat ini merupakan terapi yang paling aman dan efektif. Terapi ini pun akan mempercepat pemulihan sesudah tindakan operasi. (

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